I would be lying if I told you that I have an absolutely spotless financial record. I definitely do not. I have been through a lot and wasted a lot of money. I have made purchases that I could not afford at the time and I have rung up serious credit card debt. Eventually, I found myself in a lot of debt. My credit score was going way down very fast. It seemed that every week, I had another bill. In time, I finally developed a plan to pay things back. However, it has been going slowly. I do have a great job now and I can definitely afford things, but I am saddled by my debt. Also, what do I do if an emergency comes up and I need a loan? Is this story familiar to your ears? Did some unsubdivided fiscal errors put you in the back of the pack? Is your lack of a credit score a major deterrent when you are trying to get a loan? Well, have you no reverence. There is a loan exactly for you. What is it? It is a payday loan, no credit check.

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